MACHINÆ is a five piece melodic metal band from Finland that blends a heavy wall of sound peppered with a wide gamut of gritty growls and melodic clean vocals, wrapped in a black and white contrasted rugged machine shop image. The band dares to blend pop keyboards alongside troglodytic riffs in a masculine and guitar dominated genre. MACHINÆ’s sound and minimalistic but highly contrasted image creates a package that you will love to hear, see, and experience.

PIIPPONEN – Clean vocals & growls
ERIKSSON – Guitars, keyboards
KARENKO – Guitars

* * *


What would happen if you combined Stone Sour, an awesome toaster, and the current incarnation of Amorphis? Well, you’d get a hairy mutt that’s not that far from the Finnish melodic metal band MACHINÆ!

Backed by a heavy wall of sound, vocalist Piipponen handles his vocal duties with a broad spectrum, from clean to grit to growl. MACHINÆ’s brand of rhythm-heavy melodic metal utilises this gamut of sounds on their debut album “Clockwork”. This Will Be The Day, Casualties and Blank Canvas are good examples of pure Finnish melancholy while Don’t Get Used To This and Almost Human Doll conjures mosh pits.

MACHINÆ came together when Eriksson and Romppanen decided,instead of defining the band with the members available to them, to just go ahead and create the band they really wanted, even if it meant that they might end up using session members. Their philosophy of “if you build it, they will come”, along with their instrumental demos, drummed up enough interest that a full lineup was confirmed by their first gig on Halloween 2014.

Without wasting any time, MACHINÆ started working on their debut album right away and soon celebrated the band’s one year anniversary with the release of their debut album Clockwork, published through Concorde Music Company. The self-financed and self-produced full-length album contains eleven original songs that the band punched into shape on stage. The album’s themes range from dealing with death, independence, and an overall tone of overcoming hardships.

MACHINÆ released two music videos from the album in January 2015. The first video Never Coming Back features a brooding story about a paranoid recluse that relives his alien abduction traumas until, in a paranoid hallucination, he accidentally kills the girl next door. The video premiered on the big screen at Pormestari in the band’s hometown, Vantaa, on January 15th 2015. The second video, Frozen Ground, is shot completely with several GoPro cameras attached to the band members and features the band performing in a white walled confined space.

The name MACHINÆ came from the band members’ relentless work ethic and determination. Like a rusty WWII tank, the band pushes through anything in its path. The name is also slightly ironic because there isn’t a “big machine” (i.e. label or production team) behind the band. It’s quite the opposite to a big machine, as the entire production and visual output lies primarily in the hands of the band members.

MACHINÆ’s live show has been described as energetic and confident. Vocalist Piipponen takes hold of the audience with the right blend of showmanship and humor. The band’s most memorable gig so far was performing the headline slot at Korso Rock 2015, a local Vantaa festival attended by approximately 1000 guests.