Medicated Wings

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ERIKSSON: Picture Pandemonium!

Our Silver Tape studios have been quite busy lately! First off is the drum recordings for our good friend Tuukka’s band Celesti Alliance, then drums/guitar/bass/vocals for the new Machinæ single called “Medicated Wings”… And today (shhh! secret!) (drumroll) we’ll start … Continue reading

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ERIKSSON & KARENKO: Communication breakdown

Being in a band these days is unfortunately not just making music and drinking beer in your mom’s garage. Band members will have to have day jobs to support their music, some might have a family or live far away … Continue reading

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KAUPPINEN: Great Expectations

It is always a pleasure to be the one to start shooting! The purpose of these random blog writings is to provide an insight in what it is like to be a member of an unpredictable, idea bursting and creativity … Continue reading

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