KAUPPINEN: Great Expectations

IMG_3258It is always a pleasure to be the one to start shooting! The purpose of these random blog writings is to provide an insight in what it is like to be a member of an unpredictable, idea bursting and creativity sparkling gathering of monkey-arounds, or what more formally is called Machinæ. In the background there are more things going on than one might expect and everything is certainly not about recording music, playing shows or signing autographs to endless lineups of fans and groupies. No, certainly not. To your delight, we are in this blog going to reveal sporadic thoughts and feelings on some serious male bonding and maybe even some occasional unfortunate events worth sharing. Hope you enjoy!

As the only monophonic performer in the group, it is somewhat astonishing to watch real polyphonic talents fuss all over the place creating ridiculously awesome not only music, but an entity of plain coolness. For me, generally possessing a slightly softer music preference, our style is not exactly my traditional ear-candy, but I have to admit I absolutely love it. I am truly amazed of what is going on here. Despite our very short history we are already carrying a baggage containing a handful of gigs and a mind blowing USB-single of two songs, with respective music videos and loads of extras. And it still feels like nothing has really happened yet. It feels like we haven’t even started. Perhaps that is because there is still so much to come and we have so much to give. We crave to put ourselves out there and give it all, so fasten your seatbelts, hold on to the carriage and enjoy the ride.

Machinae at the metalshopBehind the scenes there are spoons and spatulas in every pot and pan at the moment. Rehearsing, recording, shooting, songwriting, planning, marketing and all kinds of practical arrangements to be taken care of. Thank god there is information technology. Otherwise we’d be totally screwed with keeping all the threads in all the right places. I’m happy to announce we just implemented our seventh online communication tool yesterday. Once again it is supposed to help us keep all errands in order, but it rather seems like messages and files are scattered like debris in e-mail, texts, chat-groups, cloud drives, facebook, everywhere. Every now and then the phone explodes with notifications from different messaging applications. Only 57 unread messages this time, some of them long as novels and that just from the past 30 minutes. But I can’t complain the least bit. It only means that things are going on.

Overall, the reception has been surprisingly positive. On behalf of the band, I utter our modestest rendition of appreciation and gratitude for your support. All feedback, also the tedious one of the negative sort, is welcome feedback and we are thankful for each and every one of your comments, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem; they mean the world to us. Please let us know how you experience Machinæ. And not only us. Let everybody know.

For now eyes are on the upcoming summer with some great expectations, our primary objective firmly lying on having fun during the process. My favourite quote is Winnie the Pooh’s statement “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” There for sure is absolutely no doubt about that. With a team like this, I have a feeling more bottle-in-a-boxes will be carved. Plenty of them, actually.

Pooh quote by A. A. Milne

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