Order “Never Coming Back” USB single


machinaekortti2    Single cover

This very limited edition, smokin’ cool brushed black usb card w/ laser etched logo contains music, pictures, music videos and more!

The audio tracks are available as wav and optimized mp3 files. You can listen to them directly from the USB card or burn/transfer them to your preferred medium!

The total capacity of the USB card is 4 gigabyte, so you can fill up the rest of the card with your own playlist and take our single and your own playlist with you anywhere!

The USB card is compatible for both Mac and PC.


USB Content (readable on both Mac and PC):

– “Never Coming Back” music video,  720p
– “Frozen Ground” music video, 1080p
– “Making of Never Coming Back”, short documentary, 720p
– “Frozen Ground”, USB card exclusive alternative cut, music video, 1080p
– “Never Coming Back” and “Frozen Ground” high resolution wav and optimized mp3 files
– High resolution promo picture
– High resolution front cover art
– 4 gigabyte total capacity

Price: 15€ + shipping and handling 5€ (worldwide)
Payment by PayPal